March 13


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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MAP Technology Solutions

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EDI on IBM i

When it comes to electronic data interchange, having an intelligent modular EDI system is an advantage in the ever changing world of IT business. Not only the flexibility to be able to use all existing industry standard data formats and communication protocols, but also the reliability and performance of IBM Power Systems are key features when important business documents are exchanged electronically with customers and suppliers.

i-effect® is a well-known EDI package specifically built for the IBM i platform and is used worldwide by over 340 customers in over 760 installations.

It offers a web based graphical administration interface for maintaining and monitoring the whole EDI business process and a graphical EDI-Mapper that allows the creation of mappings in a new, very simple and intuitive way.


  1. No VAN charges

  2. Native on IBM i. No other server requirements

  3. Secure file transfers. AS2, SFTP, + more

  4. Support is U.S. based. MAP is the only reseller and support company in the U.S.

  5. Flexible payment options are available. e.g. monthly payment options.