An Enduring Standard in Corporate Business Technology

Businesses all over the country and in a variety of industries continue to use IBMi for their daily IT needs. Despite new options for operating systems, IBMi has maintained its position as a well-utilized resource for companies looking for simple, reliable, user-friendly options. M.A.P.’s vast experience with IBMi allows us to implement a variety of solutions for our clients. We have spent decades helping companies across the spectrum with their IBMi integration, implementation, monitoring, and management needs. If you’re one of the thousands of companies that depend on this tried and true technology to keep your business moving forward, call us today at 215-315-4175 to figure out how to make it work best for you.

A Legacy of IBMi Excellence

The experienced and qualified professionals at M.A.P. have a long and established history of helping our clients harness the full capabilities of IBMi. From assisting our clients with integrating IBMi or AS 400 into their existing databases to developing specialized tools for other programs that link to IBMi programs to data migration for ERP software packages to systems and data recovery support to EDI programming, custom application development and modernization and everything in between, we are your full-service IBMi/AS400 partner.

Areas of Expertise

IBMi / AS400 Systems Administration

M.A.P. provides full-service and segmented IBMi/AS400 systems administration services to customers all over the country. Whether you need temporary solutions or a full-service ongoing agreement, we are committed and capable of providing the safety, security, and efficiency your company needs and deserves. We are pleased to offer a full suite of systems administration services, including:

  • Systems Administration and Operations Support
  • New Installations or System Upgrades
  • System Performance & Health Assessments
  • Physical and Virtual Backup Solutions
  • BRMS
  • Proactively Managing OS/400 for New PTFs and Release-Level Upgrades
  • Security Assessments and Upgrades
  • Install and Implement SSL Certificates
  • Custom Operational Manuals and Procedures

We are poised to offer comprehensive or a la carte systems administration for the most competitive rates in the industry.

IBMi / AS400 Software Applications Development

M.A.P. has helped numerous organizations in a variety of industries develop and implement customized and efficient software applications Our personalized commitment and expertise provides a value far beyond the investment that our clients make to provide our services. Our company’s expertise ranges from complex supply chain management and financial solutions to customs data reporting and applications integration. We are prepared to offer the following software development services:

  • Custom Software – New development and maintenance – RPG, COBOL, PHP, Synon 2E
  • Legacy – System 36 (including SSP) Support
  • ERP – Oracle JDE World and E1, and INFOR
  • Data Migrations – transfer data to other systems
  • Modernization – IBMi, i-Series, AS400 Modernization (Assessment, Recommendation, and Implementation)
  • Forensic Accounting and Analytics — RPG Audit and Documentation
  • Web and Mobile – Applications Software
  • Business Analytics – Web Queries, Crystal Reports and Excel VBA
  • Custom EDI Documents & ERP Interface
  • Salesforce.com Integration

We also provide comprehensive process improvement consulting services. Our team will partner with you to identify your goals, conduct an in-depth analysis of your current processes and recommend long-term, efficient solutions.

IBMi / AS400 Training – Giving You the Tools You Need

M.A.P. understands the diverse workload that IT professional has to take on every day, and we are committed to helping you ensure that you and your team know every aspect of IBMi. Our training programs help companies mobilize their IT department to thrive and assume leadership in an IBMi environment. Whether you are seeking a formal class, on-line learning or individual mentoring we offer a variety of options. We’ll customize a program to meet your needs. M.A.P. also provides DB2 web query assistance so you can create dashboards from your DB2 data, run reports from the web, convert your green screen queries to the web and so much more.

IBMi Application Modernization

Why Modernize Applications? 

Poor management of technical debt affects the ability to compete

  • Complications created by outdated systems can make integrating new products and capabilities prohibitively costly
  • Hidden challenges in the system architecture can cause projects to miss deadlines, run over budget, and perhaps even fail to operate as desired

Technical Debt can account for up to 40% of the IT Balance Sheet

  • The sum of all work needed to modernize the entire Information technology stack represents the “Principal” on the IT Balance Sheet
  • The “Interest” is the cost to navigate nonstandard interfaces, and in your ability to adjust to evolving business needs
  • The “Opportunity Loss” arises from employees spending time managing tired complex systems, instead of innovating for future needs

In a recent McKinsey survey:

  • CIOs reported that 10 to 20 percent of the technology budget dedicated to new products is diverted to resolving issues related to tech debt.
  • CIOs estimated that tech debt amounts to 20 to 40 percent of the value of their entire technology estate before depreciation.
  • And things are not improving, 60 percent of the CIOs we surveyed felt their organization’s tech debt had risen perceptibly over the past three years

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Your Trusted IBMi Solutions Resource

MAP Technology Solution’s IBMi / AS400 Support service provides innovative and essential technology benefits to small, medium and large organizations nationwide. We assist companies who manage their operations on IBM’s Power i midrange computer systems. Our longstanding dedication to the IBMi business community allows us to offer affordable, modern solutions to today’s ever-evolving business challenges. Call us today to find out more.

MAP’s highly qualified and experienced programmers, engineers and administrators focus on your project requirements and deliver targeted solutions to accomplish your short and longer-term goals. Additionally, we have a well-developed network of tested strategic partners in other specialized technology sectors that allow us to bring even greater value to our clients with unique requirements.

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