Your Committed Integration Partner

Organizations across all industries rely on JD Edwards software to seamlessly integrate their workflow, store and manage their data and achieve maximum productivity. If your organization utilizes JDE you’re no doubt aware of its versatility, intuitiveness and broad scope of capabilities. You’re also aware of the need for an experienced and knowledgeable consulting partner to maximize your investment.

Maximizing Your JDE Platform

Without proper deployment and ongoing utilization of JDE software, organizations run the risk of missing critical game-changing features – as well as bypassing avoidable user error. MAP Consulting provides the expertise, methods, processes and tools to support all your JD Edwards technology needs. Our consultants help you to identify, coordinate and implement best practices consistent with JD Edwards programming standards and methodology.

JDE Technical Consulting Services

Our comprehensive menu of JDE integration services include:

  • System Installation
  • CNC Configuration
  • Systems Management, Configuration, and Security
  • Software Development and Enhancement
  • Data Conversion and Interface
  • Third-Party Product Implementation and Integration (RFP Data Collection, Document Process Automation, EDI and Business Intelligence)
  • Technical Assessments
  • Database and Network Support
  • Workflow Design and Development
  • Technical Training

MAP offers customized services packages depending upon your organization’s needs, budget and infrastructure. We work with your team to conduct a thorough assessment of both strengths and improvable areas. From there we supply a detailed roadmap, designed specifically to support each client’s unique critical requirements.

Seamless & Efficient Software Migration

When shifting to a software, organizations routinely encounter issues which halt productivity, create interdepartmental challenges and significantly increase downtime. MAP’s seasoned consultants are fully prepared to assist your organization through each step of the process. We offer a variety of software migration services, including:

  • Current Software Assessment
  • Implementation Strategy and Design
  • Data Migration and Transformation services
  • Test Script Completion and Execution
  • Fully-documented migration process
  • Post-Live Support

Align yourself with a committed partner to better maximize JD Edwards across the board!

Call MAP today at 215-315-4175 or email info@mapconsult.com