When was the last time that you did an IBMi security assessment ?  Most companies who are audited will be forced to do one. Why not be prepared ?  IBMi has many tools to assist in your assessment. Do you know your security level ? Security level 20 and 30 have been shown to be insecure when used in a typical business environment. MAP can move you to a more resilient security level of 40 or 50. The IBMi is capable of auditing many types of events occuring on your system. However, no monitoring will take place unless you have your system configured correctly using the system audit journal,QAUDJRN. MAP can work with you to determine the events to be recorded and reported, and implement a regular reporting regimen.  Have you applied the latest security PTFs ? Have you listed user profiles who have the same userids as their passwords ? When was the last time that your users changed their passwords ? How many users have all object authority ? Do you have a firewall  to protect your system from cyber theft ? Don’t be caught up in “It can wait” syndrome. Start off your new year by doing a security assessment. To learn more about MAP’s security assessment services contact us.