Many IBMi customers purchased their system in the 80s and 90s and are dedicated to that system.

These are some of the reasons :

1. Reliability – almost never goes down.

2. Security – no known virus.

3. A lower TCO (total cost of ownership) than most servers.

4. DB2 manages itself. No need for data base administrators.

5. IBMi is constantly evolving. It is a highly scalable and robust architecture.

How to preserve and extend the life of your investment….

  1. Consider outsourcing your operations. Some of the reasons are operations resources are no longer needed, reduce the risk of losing data due to missed backups, and 24×7 management.
  2. Modernize your applications.  Green screen is not preferred by most users.  There are many options to replace your green screen environment.
  3. Review your processes. Automate manual processes like document management and data entry.
  4. Upgrade your release to the latest PTF levels.
  5. Consider replacing your system with a new Power System. Save on hardware and software maintenance.

Who uses IBMi ?

Without being particularly specific, IBMi is usedby Fortune 2000 companies in one way shape or form between Services, Software and Hardware lines of business.


The current publicly available IBM i support roadmap shows release support for IBM i until 2026. As new releases are announced, the IBM i Support Roadmap will be updated to reflect the associated support dates.