Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE EnterpriseOne) software has become a trusted and relied-upon fixture of the business IT landscape and is used by businesses of all sizes across multiple fields. It has been hailed for the intuitive and user-friendly experience that it offers as well as its storage solutions, databases, deployment options, and other diverse assets. One of the primary benefits of this feature-rich software is the time it saves users in the execution of every type of business IT function, from everyday tasks to those more advanced. Understanding the full breadth and utility of JDE EnterpriseOne can help you save time and money while freeing up your staff to focus on other growth-oriented organization tasks.

An ERP Revolution

Few, if any, business software packages offer the enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities of JDE EnterpriseOne. These features expedite cost accounting, recognize and track revenue resources and manage financial ventures with other companies. The software’s ERP features even allow for quick, user-friendly and accurate accounting of greenhouse gas emissions. They offer a variety of automated time-saving applications for organizations in every type of industry. In a business climate in which you can easily (and unnecessarily) devote dozens of hours a week to basic and advanced accounting functions, JDE EnterpriseOne just makes things quicker and easier for your employees.

Designed to Work WITH You

Every team works differently, and JDE EnterpriseOne is programmed to dovetail with each team’s workflow. It offers intuitive and personalized features that can practically anticipate points of friction, improvable areas of productivity and more. It’s like an efficiency consultant that is with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Through a variety of citizen developer frameworks, your company can quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively streamline your everyday workflow to put every feature you need at your fingertips while weeding out those that you don’t need. No more coding, no more trying to navigate unnecessary applications to achieve your everyday objectives; just results and efficiency. JDE EnterpriseOne’s personalization features not only save you time and manpower, but they also save you money on customization costs.

Do It All with Orchestrator

JDE EnterpriseOne’s Orchestrator feature allows you to centralize all of your organization’s data so you can easily, safely and quickly monitor it. Analyze your financial records, your inventory, your manufacturing processes, your project data and all your other data in real-time without having to go through a series of unnecessary steps or deal with multiple platforms. Orchestrator enables IoT-enabled devices and machines to become users of the EnterpriseOne applications; lets analysts create, test, and deploy orchestrations; integrates with external systems and Cloud services and facilitates extreme automation, integration with external systems and devices. Keep your company’s digital data (arguably its most important asset) secure, up-to-date and at your fingertips.

Reasons to update from World to Enterprise One

Oracle is continuing to refine, innovate and improve the functionality and usability of EnterpriseOne; and these enhancements are changing the way more and companies do business, share electronic data, analyze metrics and communicate with one another. Some of the recent key improvements include the addition of over 80 mobile apps, as well as other intuitive features like Health and Safety Incident Management and enhancements to One-View Reporting. For companies looking to upgrade their decades-old version of JDE World (A7.3 or A8.1), switching to EnterpriseOne just makes more sense. The software offers a more modern and intuitive end-user experience; adaptability to many different kinds of hardware; unparalleled analytics and reporting capabilities and much more.

Let MAP Help You Save Even More Time with EnterpriseOne

The only problem with a seemingly limitless software like JDE EnterpriseOne is that, for as much time as it saves, you can literally spend years trying to master the full breadth of its features can literally take years. In order to hit the ground running and help your business get the most out of JDE EnterpriseOne, you need an experienced, qualified and knowledgeable partner. MAP is ready to help you explore what aspects of JDE EnterpriseOne are appropriate for your business and personalize your experience to maximize utility and results. We offer a variety of EnterpriseOne services, including consultation, implementation, training, monitoring and so much more. Contact our experienced and knowledgeable representatives today at 215.315.4175 to learn more about what we can do for you.